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How do I get a user account?

Email the GM team at gm@crusade.chaosdeathfish.com with your character concept. Once we have accepted your character concept, we'll create you a user account and email you with your username and password.

If you create your character in-session, we will ask you to email a copy to the GM team - if we haven't created you an account in time to submit your downtime actions, you can email them to the GM team instead.

Why do I need an account?

The main thing you will use your user account for is to submit your downtime actions and read your downtime reports. It also allows you to view your character details, and change your email address(es) for in-character emails.

What can I do with it?

There are four things you'll probably want to do with your Crusade! user account:

  • Change user details (password and email address)
  • View your character details
  • View previous turnsheets
  • Submit turnsheets

Change user details

When you're logged into the Crusade! wiki, you should see an 'Update Profile' link at the top of the page. This lets you change your full name (only visible to yourself and GMs), registered email addresses and password. Each player may have up to five email addresses from which they can send in-character email (see the Email System for more information). If you try to send email from another address, it will be silently ignored.

The email address you enter in 'E-Mail 1' is the address to which in-character emails from other players will sent. Please make sure you have this set up correctly to ensure you receive in-character email from other players.

We would recommend changing your password to something more secret when you get your welcome email. To do this, type your new password into the 'New password' and 'once again' fields.

Before submitting any changes to your account, you must enter your current password in the 'Confirm current password' box.

View your character details

At the top of the page when logged in, you should see a 'User page' link. Click on this to see your full character information. This is not visible to other players, just you and the GM team. It contains your background, skills, quirks and rank. It also contains links to your publicly-visible bio, your spells (if appropriate) and your turnsheets.

View previous turnsheets

At the bottom of your User page, there are nine turnsheet links. These contain the turnsheets for each turn. Those shown in green have information entered in them (either by you or the GM team), and those in red are empty. All users should have a 'turnsheet 0' link, which contains their pre-game faction briefings, spy network reports (if appropriate) and other information.

After the GM meetings each week, the turnsheet that you submit (see below) will be updated to contain brief information about each action you attempted. This is to give you a reference when you look back on previous turns; fuller information will be provided by your GM at the start of the next session.

Submit turnsheets

Turnsheets for Crusade! should be submitted online using the turnsheet links at the bottom of your user page. Turnsheets are numbered by the week in which the previous session happens. The first turnsheet that most people will be submitting will be 'turnsheet 1' (as mentioned above, Turnsheet 0 contains pre-game feedback).

When you first click on the turnsheet link (which should be red, unless you have already entered turnsheet information for that week), you will find yourself at a page which says 'This topic does not exist yet'. Click the 'Create this page' button at the top of the page to enter your turnsheet. If you've edited the turnsheet before, the link will show 'Edit this page' instead.

How to Write a Turnsheet

REMEMBER - You must click the 'Save' button at the bottom of the page to ensure your turnsheet is saved. There is a special syntax you can use for turnsheets if you'd like to make our lives easier, but the main thing to remember is to leave a blank space between paragraphs. Save as often as you like, you can make changes to your turnsheet whenever you like before Thursday. If you are making minor corrections or changes, feel free to continue the edits until Sunday, but do not submit whole new actions or make huge changes - it will simply confuse the GMs!

The deadline for turnsheeting is 6AM Friday. Any turnsheets uploaded after this time will have less time spent on them or be ignored, so don't expect a lengthy response. Turnsheets uploaded on the Friday after 6AM and Saturday or Sunday are likely to be ignored, as we will be in the GM meeting. If you upload a turnsheet on the Sunday, email us to let us know and expect most actions that aren't involved with helping other players not to happen. We read through turnsheets on the Friday and (if we have time) Saturday to keep the meeting time to a minimum. We have over fourty players to process.

We will often have meetings on Saturdays and will let you know when that is! Keep this in mind if making minor edits late.

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