The World of Crusade!

The focus of Crusade is the Holy Land and those lands that ajoin it or are in its environs. These immediate regions fall into three broad factions, the Latin States, the Orthodox states and the Muslim states. Each of these has a very particular flavour and feel and each provides a very different character to the game.

Within each of the factions we have chosen to acknowledge three powers as those that move and shape that faction. It is these that will provide the core interests within the game.

The Narrow View

The Narrow View of the game world, is the Holy Land, the place over which many have fought, past and present. It has been the site of conflict between the The Greeks and Persians, between Romans and Sassanids, between Christians and Muslims.

Within the last two centuries the Holy Land has once again experienced bloodshed and devastating wars and the balance has once more, perhaps briefly, and perhaps not, tipped to the Christian Crusader Kingdoms.

There are, however, a number of interests now surrounding the Holy Land - the occupying Crusaders, the other Catholics, still watching from the West, interested on protecting and expanding these lands. With the divisions within Christendom, there are now Orthodox Christians keen to maintain their influence over lands that have long been theirs and though taken from the Muslims, not returned to them. And there are the Muslim factions, keen to return the lands won centuries ago into their own hands.

There is the possibility that a balance and peace may be struck, and somehow the lands becoming open to all. Or peace may fail and the Holy Land may again descend into war and destruction.

The Broad View

Broadly speaking, the Holy Land is but the major focus point and the wars of conquest or preservation the most obvious change. The Holy Land is rich in history, knowledge and very origins of the major faiths in the land. There is much to be discovered or rediscovered about these beginnings and the wars of Emperors or Imams are but passing and irrelevant for this search.

Others still seek to tap into the focus on the Holy Land through trade - which has always come through the Holy Land and might benefit all manner of nations seeking to establish themselves among the great states and those of ancient heritage.

Still a further and grimmer thought is of the darker world surpassed, but not eliminated, by Christianity and Islam. Are there those who wish to restore old orders, and if such things are but rumours, are there powers without religion who seek to play Ladies and Kings as pawns in some unknown game of theirs?

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