The Latin States of the Holy Land - The Kingdom Of Jeruslaem, the Principality of Antioch, the County of Edessa and the County of Tripoli.

On the 15th July, in the year of Our Lord 1099 the world was changed. At last the most Holy of Cities, The Lord's own Jerusalem was rescued from the hands of the infidels of the Fatamid Caliphate and protected again from their unholy and blasphemous ways.

In the months that followed the Kingdom of Jerusalem was created from that war and Godfrey of Bouillon first sat upon it's throne. Combined with the now lost County Of Edessa, the County of Tripoli and the Principlaity of Antioch it made up the Crusader Kingdoms, those states controlled by the Latin Knights who had come to these Holy Lands and preserved them for the pilgrims that wished to come from all over the world to see where Christ died and rose again, and then ascended to sit at the right hand of his father.

It is plain that in the hands of the Saracen these most precious places would not be maintained and that the Lord was most unhappy at the lack of faith that his people showed to him. The First Crusade showed in blood and in fire the power of the covenant we have with the Lord and the respect that is due only to him. No more would false idols be worshipped in his holiest of places. What is right is restored at last.

However the Kingdom stands in peril again. Last spring Baldwin IV, who some called the Leper King, was taken from us at last, may he find peace in the arm's of the Lord, and his nephew, Baldwin V became king, with Raymond of Tripoli as regent. The child is sickly and as his health waxes and wanes so do the politics at court. Once mighty and loyal lords now brawl like dogs in the street over a bit of bone and all pray that the Kingdom may stay safe against Saladin's ambitions for it.

Melchior Hazrabul, Offical Historian to the Court of Edessa, extant.

Quick Start


Defence, Struggle and Multi-cultralism

The Kingdom stands on a knife edge, politically and culturally and maintains a balancing act between the nations and powers that surround it. This is reflected in the themes that shall be present within the kingdom.

Who To Play

The Crusader Kingdoms stand as a strange mix of East and West, where faith is in the very air and stones and blood is spilt every day in the defence of Christendom.

  • A beleaguered General guarding one of the fortresses that sit close to Muslim land, beset on all sides by foes.
  • A wandering Priest exploring the mysteries and Relics of the Holy Land.
  • A crusader Knight who got rich off of the Crusades and now reaps the profits of his conquered lands.
  • A diplomat from one of the other Factions seeking to ensure that their master’s interests are maintained in the Holy Land.


  • Crusaders are the subjects one of the Crusader Kingdoms and should pick one of the regions to come from. They are Catholics and part of the Latin States Faction.
  • Crusaders start with a +1 bonus to either their Survival or Diplomacy skill. This means that the first rank of the chosen skill comes free - if you wish to have the skill at a higher rank, it simply costs one point cheaper.
  • Crusaders have access to Hermetic Magic, as well as Hedge Magic and Witchcraft.

In more detail


We endured much to achieve this kingdom; starvation, plague and war. Yet in the end we freed it from the Islamic devils and we will scourge any infidel who dares to threaten it.

-Gerade Uroš - Crusader Knight sworn to Baldwin IV

In 1099 the bravest and the boldest of the Western Kingdoms descended on the walls of Jerusalem, set to take it from the hands of the infidels and succeeded against significant odds. Since that point the Crusader Kingdoms have stood as a bastion against the Heretic Islam. When Fair Odessa was lost over 50 years ago to the saracen then a 2nd crusade was called, but clearly God did no smile on that enterprise for some reason.

Since that time it has become clearer and clearer that the forces of the Muslims have built substantially and that they eye Jerusalem, with its boy child upon its throne, with a jealous and hungry glint in their eye. The Kingdom stands vulnerable and only the most skilled political manoeuvring and the noblest of warriors stand between it and renewed chaos.


As the Crusades were called by the Bishop of Rome then the vast majority of those in authority, over what are now called the Crusader Kingdoms, are Roman Catholic. The people below them are a great mix of faiths, though all are children of Abraham. Living side by side with the holiest places makes for a strange reaction to religion from the population - while it is every day and expected to be a man of faith, over-zealousness and radicalism in that faith makes many who must maintain a cosmopolitan air feel uncomfortable and concerned for the threats that such might pose to the careful balance of Levantine society.

Attitude to the Other Factions

“The Muslims are our constant enemy, battering at our doors and waiting to pounce on any sign of weakness by our people. We cannot fail in the task that god has granted us.”

“Without the trade with our neighbours we would starve, we would suffocate, we would die. It is all very well for those in power to wage war against them, but they must understand that we, those here resident for generations countless, must continue to trade or the very people they rule over will all dissappear like dead bodies in the desert.”

“Those of the Orthodox persausion have sat upon their rich and fat haunches and watched as the Islamic beast has risen to the south. They are more concerned with their preciosu jewels and luxuries than they are the acts of faith and of courage. They are worthless peace seekers who do not understand the struggle against the terror we face today.”

The Holy Land

The Crusader Kingdoms view themselves AS the Holy Land. They are its protectors, its guardians and its people. The false infidels have been driven from the Holy Places and the true followers of Christ must not allow them to fall once more to fall into the hands of blasphemers.

The Latin States

  • Kingdom of Jerusalem

A Christian kingdom established in the Levant in 1099 after the First Crusade. Its first king was Godfrey of Bouillon upon whose death the crown passed to Baldwin of Boulogne the 1st of the Baldwins. The current ruler is the boy king Baldwin V, who ascended to the throne at the tender age of seven years. The king rules through his regent from the Holy City of Jerusalem itself. After the city was conquered many of the Crusader Knights returned to their homes and the Latin rulers have been left to rule over the native Muslim, Greek and Syrian population that greatly outnumbers them.

  • Principality of Antioch

Originally conquered by Bohemond of Taranto who named himself the prince of Antioch the principality was one of the bloodiest centres of the first two crusades. Until recently it was ruled by Raynald of Chatillon but an unknown epidemic (which often ravages the region) claimed him as its most important victim. There is an ongoing and lengthy dispute over who should control the city and the Holy See has temporarily handed power to Cardinal Arabelle de Tartarts, Baldwin’s spiritual advisor.

  • County of Tripoli

The last of the Crusader kingdoms to be conquered and originally held by Bertrand of Toulouse who was a vassal of Baldwin I of Jerusalem. It is currently ruled by Count Raymond of Tripoli who is Baldwin V’s regent. Tripoli has strong ties to Antioch and its vital strategic location has made it a constant target for Muslim forces along the length of its borders. There are rumours that the Knights Templar have recently taken an interest in the state.

  • County of Edessa

The most outlying of the Crusader states and the most vulnerable. Until recently it was ruled by Count Joscelin of Edessa but he was killed by Muslim forces while attempting to escape the fortress of Turbessel. At the same time his son Joscelin II vanished and Guy of Lusignan, the step father of the boy king, succeeded him as the Count. Guy is a disliked and inept ruler; his lack of courage and military prowess have made Edessa ever more vulnerable.

Cities of the Holy Land


Baldwin V - the Boy King

“Our true monarch, the holy light of innocence shines from within in. A picture of purity he encompasses all our hopes and dreams in his young form. One day he shall become King in his own right and his vigorous and passioante personality shall serve the Kingdom of Jerusalem, both in war and in peace.”

Raymond of Tripoli - The Regent

”…a man of slender build, extremely spare, of medium height and swarthy complexion. His hair was straight and rather dark in color. He had piercing eyes and carried his shoulders very erect. He was prompt and vigorous in action, gifted with equanimity and foresight, and temperate in his use of both food and drink, far more than the average man. He showed munificence towards strangers, but towards his own people he was not so lavish. He was fairly well-lettered, an accomplishment which he had acquired while a prisoner among the enemy, at the expense of much effort, aided greatly, however, by his natural keenness of mind. Like King [Amalric I], he eagerly sought the knowledge contained in written works. He was indefatigable in asking questions if there happened to be anyone present who in his opinion was capable of answering.”

Malik az-Mahir - The King's guardian

“A man reknowned for his bravery and devotion, an upstanding man, without guile and with serious intent. Our King's life could not be better protected. A shame he is a Muslim, though he keeps it quite, it is the source of constant mutterings in court.”

Cardinal Arabelle de Tartarts -The Kings Spiritual Advisor

“An emissary of the pope who was dispatched to Jerusalem to ensure that the will of the Holy See was manifested within the city. Her fanatical devotion to the church is matched only by her limitless ambition. She is an influential member of the College of Cardinals with the ear of the Pope himself they say. Her seat is at Antioch.”

Guy of Lusignan - Count of Edessa and the King's step father

“Hie and Fie but this is a bad egg; things he should be King of all the holy land but proved, already, too timid and too weak to face Saldin on the field. He sits as a vulture beside the throne, only willing to move and to achieve when the target is so weak that mercy is what should be granted, not torture. The last King, God rest his soul, tried to annul his marriage to Sibylla.”

Sibylla of Jerusalem - The King's Mother

“A beautious lady and as dangerous as she is enchanting. She watches her son with care, knowing that should he fall the heavy weight of the crown falls next to her. Her husband is a liability and all know it. Including her.”

The Actors of the past

  • Count Raymond of Rheins - Once a powerful figure Raymond was noted as the strongest knight ever to have lived and singularly excelled in feat of arms. He even served as Champion of the court to our current King's Grandfather, but caused some trouble and was exiled from court follwoing the incident with the camel, the belly dancer and the Patriarch's personal guard.
  • Joscelin of Edessa - The former count of Edessa. Suceeded by Guy of Lusignan after he was ambushed while leaving the fortress of Turbessel.
  • Yehudah Shalev - With a reputation of the consumate businessman and a money lender of some skill it was with some surprise that it was discovered that he and his family had been executed by the Templars for his murder of christian children during diabolic sacrifices. It was only the actions of the last King that saved the rest of his community from the hunger of the crowd for their terrible crime.

Why Join?

The Crusader Kingdom's stand on the edge of survival, with all factions pushing at them seeking to expand their influence in the Holy land. Members of the Crusader Kingdoms will always be unsure as to what the future bodes and will live in fear of another Crusade breaking out. Despite this high adventure awaits those who wish to join it, the chance to save the kingdom and receive the thanks of the boy king and those who surround him. Furthermore the Crusader Kingdom's sit in the heart of the Holy Land and are surrounded by the mysteries and relics that abound in the land of the prophets, making them an attractive home for treasure hunters or adventurous scholars. The crusader kingdom's also allow for a meshing of cultures and principles within a character concept that would not exist in the rest of the nations in play.

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