A Brief History

We have presented some of the major dates and events of the period, leading up to and following the First and Second Crusade.

  • 1054 - The Great Schism between the Western (Catholic) Church and the Eastern (Orthodox) Church.
  • 1055 - Tughril Beg, the leader of the Seljuks, takes over Baghdad, expelling the previous rulers. More than a century later, Baghdad has not recovered.
  • 1074 - Pope Gregoria V calls for 'soldiers of Christ' to repel the Seljuk invaders of Asia Minor. Few even acknowledge her call.
  • 1081 - Emperor Alexios I Komnenos comes to the Byzantine throne, under him the Byzantine Empire experiences a revival.
  • 1095 - Pope Urban II calls a Crusade. This is ostensibly in response to Alexios I's wish to repel the Turkish invaders from Anatolia. Many suspect that other desires are in play and a few claim dark desires behind the bloodshed that will no doubt ensue. He echoes Gregoria V's call, and even suggests mages and sorceresses may somewhat redeem their souls by fighting the heathens.
  • 1096-97 - Various nobles and commoners take up the call of the Crusade in different ways. An unruly rabble travels across Europe and past Constantinople to be slaughtered by the Turks in 1096. Months later, a more organised and trained military force is led by a number of European Princes.
  • 1098 - After a major battle, involving several powerful mages on both sides, which lays waste to a large section of southern Anatolia, the Crusaders arrive in Syria.
  • 1098 Summer - Antioch is taken after a lengthy siege by the Crusading armies.
  • 1099 Summer - The Crusaders take Jerusalem for Christendom. The Crusader leaders, Raymonde and Godfrey (brother and sister) refused the title of King. Godfrey is King in all but name however.
  • 1101 - The Crusader States are set up in their entirety. Baldwin, having succeeded Godrey, is the first to take the title of King.
  • 1110s - Turkish power in Asia Minor in some decline following losses and pressure from the Crusaders and Byzantines.
  • 1144 - Edessa falls to the Turks under Zanki on Christmas Eve and the County of Edessa lost to the Crusader Kings.
  • 1145 - Pope Eugene III calls for another Crusade in response to the taking of Edessa. The rulers of France and Germany respond.
  • 1148 - Following obstruction to their passage by Byzantine Emperor Manuel and a number of defeats by Turkish armies, the Crusade arrives in Jerusalem. They attempt to assault Damascus and are resoundingly defeated. The Second Crusade is a failure.
  • 1150s and 1160s - King Baldwin III of Jerusalem makes attempts to conquer Egypt. Though there is some success, and he briefly occupies Cairo, the conquest is quickly undone.
  • 1171 - Saladin is proclaimed King of Egypt, uniting it with Syria and re-establishing both as significant powers in the region.
  • 1180-85 - Emperor Manuel dies. The young Alexios II is Emperor before being murdered and replaced by Andronikos, a cousin of Manuel, himself replaced by Isaac Angeloc in an uprising in Constantinople. The confusion is expected to end.
  • 1185 - the Peace of the Covenant is sealed by major religious and political leaders of the Levant. It seems that a new age of Eternal Peace is to dawn upon the Holy Land.
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