The Magic of Crusade!

In the world of Crusade! although they each follow a similar template, the magics are varied in a number of ways. There are three levels of power, each distinct in its ability to affect the world. There are also faction-limitations, giving each faction something unique in the magic sphere.

  • Hedge - the magic of tricksters and illusionists.
  • Witchcraft - the magic of cunning and countryside.
  • Alchemy - the magic of potions and transformation.
  • Symbolic - the magic of runes and inscriptions.
  • Invocation - the magic of Genies and Celestial Courts.
  • Hermetic - the magic of the elements.


Hedge and Witchcraft are Level 1 magics and are the simplest and cheapest, giving a number of very useful but limited spells. They cost 7 points in Character Generation.

Alchemy and Symbolic are Level 2 magics and far more potent, giving a greater degree of power and the chance to cardinally affect things. They cost 10 points in Character Generation.

Invocation and Hermetic are Level 3 magics and even more power, and at cost capable of seriously affecting things. They cost 12 points in Character Generation.

Faction Magics

Hedge and Witchcraft can be bought by any character without restriction.

Alchemy can only be bought by characters belonging to either the Ayyubid or the Byzantine factions.

Symbolic can only be bought by characters belonging to either the Georgian or Rus factions.

Invocation can only be bought by characters belonging to either the Arabian or Seljuk factions.

Hermetic can only be bought by characters belonging to either Crusader or Westerner factions.

The Military and Monastic Orders can buy any of the restricted magics at an extra 50% price, but are obviously allowed to pick and choose.

Skill Synergies

Different magics have particular affinity with different skills. While these are not necessary to use that magic, they may be helpful in its application.

Casting Magic

The AP cost of casting each spell depends on the tier of the spell.

Hedge magic and Witchcraft Tier 1 spells cost 1AP to cast, Tier 2 spells cost 2AP to cast and Tier 3 spells cost 3AP to cast.

Alchemy, Symbolic, Invocation and Hermetic Tier 1 spells cost 2AP to cast, Tier 2 spells cost 3AP to cast and Tier 3 spells cost 4AP to cast.

The AP costs for spell casting incorporate both the procurement of ingredients, props and instruments for the casting, as well as the ritual itself. The AP costs may be reduced by 1 if the mage is capable of finding and interesting and innovative way of acquiring the materials required for the spell, or speeding up and enhancing the ritual process.

Learning New Spells

Learning a spell requires different tasks at Tier 2 and Tier 3. These are not necessarily as simple as spending AP studying and require seeking out certain resources in the game world. These will be explained to the players choosing to play magic users as the potential of higher-tier spells become available.

Co-operative Magic

The different kinds of magic can be combined for the purpose of much more complicated achievements and as ingenious solutions to problems. As just one magic adds a certain amount of versatility to what can be done in the world, a combination of magics can be a way to overcome even the most problematic events.

The best effect is achieved through a co-operative ritual, in which the relevant spells are prepared and performed in conjunction, enchancing their mutual effects and giving the casters a chance to come up with an interesting application.

There are some limitations however, as various magics are not easy to combine in a co-operative ritual. Magics can combine with each other if they are at most one level away. Thus Hedge magic can combine with Witchcraft, Alchemy and Symbolic, but not Invocation or Hermetic. Similarly, Invocation would only combine with Hermetic, Alchemy and Symbolic. Of course, if all three levels are involved, then there is a chain of magics allowing it all to come together into a very experimental spell indeed.

Merely casting spells from different schools individually without the specific intent of a co-operative spell will not result in anything more than those spells being cast individually as described.

Ascending Your Magic.

Ascending your Magic is different depending on your current Tier of Power. See magicascend for details.

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