As Above, So Below

And I saw Old Man Wilibrand lift himself off the ground and call forth the clouds of the heavens afore him. There he called the rain onto the fields and lightning most terrible raced across the skies. Those all around cried out at the quick approach of all this and stood struck.
The rats all drowned and once the waters dried, our miseries were gone and the land was bountiful.

The Priest Aedwar recals the visit of a Hermetic mage to help the village.

Hermetic magic is the rightful command of the elements, bestowed unto those worthy of the power and willing to learn. Traditionally, Hermetics see the attainment and use of the elements as study and learning, and are proud to boast their “knowledgeable accomplishments” through acts of destruction, both small and grand. All Hermetics know “as above, so below”, the right by which personal accomplishment reflects the grandeur of the universe.

Hermetic magic harnesses the powers of the elements (Air, Earth, Water, and especially Fire) under the command of a keen mind. It is often partnered with the arts of Astronomy, Astrology, and Divination.

Tier The First

Whisper unto the Ember

He says the words. His eyes turn to flame. Slowly, the candle stares back at him, eyes a-blink. A question on his lips
This spell is used to communicate with an element. A small amount of the element is required (A candle, A bucket of water, a warm breeze, a pocket full of sand), after which the words are spoken, the element comes to life. This is not a true spirit or “elemental”, but merely the shared memory of that element. A single question can be asked of that element, which they are bound to answer. However, for optimized results, a question relevant to that element should be asked.
Fire - Energetic, Mercurial, Quick to Anger.
Questions: Who caused fire x? Who sits at campfire y? Does z have his lanterns lit?
Water - Bipolar, switching between calm and wrathful.
Questions: Who sails on sea x? Is there water in desert y? Is well z poisoned?
Air - Whispery, addled, “air-headed”
Questions: Do you blow in x's sails? Is it safe to cross desert x due to sandstorms? Is there a storm coming?
Earth - Slow, Thoughtful, Honest.
Questions: Whose bodies litter warsite x? Who marches across desert y? Is path z safe?

Flight of Icarus (Voice of Uranus)

The Magician takes the long and wide of the stars into himself. The trajectory and the placement. Two steps into the cloud and gone like the lark is he.
Through the Arts of Astronomy, the Hermetic is able to accomplish many great feats of travel. Wether it is to fly into the sky like a bird, channel the winds into a ship's sails, or follow the stars to shorten a caravan's journey. Utilization of this spell drastically reduces travel time for a journey the Hermetic leads. However, the action is always risky, as utilization of magic to proudly stomp across a desert or land on an enemy's battlements from out of the sky is very, very vulgar. Cloud cover and nightfall are always recommended.

Tier The Second

I saw him whisper to the wind, his words like puffs of air themselves, tiny gusts and eddys that seemed to turn the breeze from whence it came. His voice grew louder and as it did so the fingers of the air he called pulled at the edges of the sealed letter upon the table. With it's strength building the that same note was lifted from its place and carried through the open window all without being touched. It has been told to me since that it was taken to Rome within the day and delivered safely into the hands of Carinal Ratzinger herself, all on the air.

Roxanne Fairchild, Daughter of the Order of St. Jude.

She came upon us all aflame,

Her sword it danced ablaze,

Her cloak and armour,

All furnace hot,

A storm upon her back!

Holocaust, A Kentish poet.

Tier The Third

The beast that arose from the rocks of the mountain was a Giant mis-shapen man, a monstrousity of stone, but still it walked and went before the Prophet and knelt before him, at the command of its master. Truely the mountain did come to Mohammed.

Tales of the Prophet, Stories of his life.

It is remembered that the village of Lysen stood there once until it gave offence to Mistress Calshin and her people. From her tower it is said she willed the wave that came that night and the storm that drove it. The wall of water was said to be 50 cubits high and where once the vilage of Lysen stood there is now only the Bay of Lysen, dangerous to shipping for what lies below those white capped waves still. It is said at night you can stll hear the tortured drowned crying till the judgement day comes and the seas shall give up their dead.

An Armenian folk story

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