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Faction: Latin States, Crusader Kingdoms

Appointed by Raymond of Tripoli shortly after Baldwin's ascension, Getan de Reys seems to be in charge of organising the social functions of the court of Jerusalem, such as banquets and weddings. He has taken to this task with an admirable amount of flair, and all who have encountered him have been impressed by his easy charm and knack for remembering little details about all his guests. He also cuts a fine figure in all the latest fashions. His recent engagement to Caroline of Anjou has been the talk of Jerusalem's high society.

Hit Me Harder, Heathen


Gossip in the Court of Jerusalem

“It hardly seems appropriate for the King’s advisor to spend quite so much time with the brother of the Queen…we all know what Getan parties involve and the scandal will be immense if his relationship with a prince of the Realm is revealed…“

A scrawled, bloody note found beneath the battlements of the Citadel of Jerusalem, 1199

“If you find this you must help me! Please! They came at night. Dressed in Black with shadowed faces, weapons of dark iron in hand. They kicked in the door and had slain the servants before I could even rise. My son tried to flee but they struck him down with a heavy cudgel and as I made to cry out my head rang and I fell senseless to the floor…

…I saw heavy boots stride around me as I sank into darkness and heard the cries of my wife and children…

…The sounds, oh god the sounds. They made me listen as they pulled out my son’s eye. His screams. His terrible anguished screams…

…In the name of mercy you must help! Come quick. There will be more screams soon…the screams of those I love mingled with my own, and…the meows…those infernal meows of the cats that shift in colour in the light of the brazier”…

A Recounting of the Eulogy of Getan de Reys delivered by Baldwin VII, 1251

“Lord de Reys served my Grandfather and my Father loyally throughout their reigns. I myself always listened carefully to his wise words and analysis of the politics of the European courts. Never was there a greater ally in the dealings of Emperor’s and King’s and our kingdom shall be all the weaker for his passing. He maintained the security of our land and ensured the succession of our royal line. His devotion to duty has allowed the Kingdom of Jerusalem to endure against threats dark and terrible for these past eighty years and he shall an honoured place in the annals of the Holy Land. In his long and happy life his only sadness was the passing of his adoring wife Helvis who died suddenly, while abed, in an anvil related accident. His children by her live on however and their noble blood will continue to guide the course of this great nation for generations.”

Musings of the Marquis de Sade, 1783

“Though I have never respected the so called historians of our age there is one monsieur from ancient times that I have always found fascinating and tried to emulate. A man debauched in his many perversions who yet worked the mechanisms of state to ensure his pleasures did not stand in the way of personal advancement and power. I speak of course of the arch-sodomite Getan de Reys. How delicious it must have been for a bum-cleaver such as he to have his council held so high by Kings and Messiahs while he seared the flesh of prisoners deep in his dungeons. It is said that while the demon lord marched upon Jerusalem to lay low the forces of the righteous; Getan entertained himself in an orgy of excess with a hundred nubile young men whom he deflowered personally while Satan pounded at the walls…no doubt wishing to enjoin the festivities…

…I have always thought that in that prudish and contemptible age there was only Getan to whom I could relate, who I could truly call sadistic. “

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