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Player: Gareth
Faction: Latin States, Military and Monastic Orders
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As a Mendicant Friar of Blessed Gerard, Gregory of Acre takes his vows very seriously. He is an accomplished chirurgeon, mostly to be found out and about in the various cities of the Levant, giving aid and succour to the poor and sickly of all faiths, or upon the battlefield, tending to the wounds of both sides.

However, many find Gregory grating; his almost aggressive humility and his insistence on treating Moslems as well as he does proper Christians has irritated many who have met him.

Hit Me Harder, Heathen


Extracts from “Saint Gregory and the Order of Blessed Gerard”, an informative pamphlet available to pilgrims visiting the Church of Saint Gregory in Jerusalem.

[…] best known as a healer, Saint Gregory moved through the Holy Land as a mendicant taking only what he needed to survive and offering in return comfort for the dying and more often healing for the sick. But Saint Gregory proved his holiness in other ways besides, establishing the bible schools of the Blessed Gerard that supply tuition to the poor across the world today. In the early days the schools taught enough literacy so that students could read the bible and make further copies to spread the Good Word, and that students could become teachers. Now the schools provide a general education to those who would otherwise receive none.

The Mendicant Order of Saint Gerard continues to this day, and though the schools are run by secular teachers they are often used as a convenient base should one of the wandering friars pass that way. […]

[…] canonised less than a decade after his death by Pope Peter II who had known him in life and could testify himself before the canon court of the good deeds that Gregory had performed and of the miraculous divine aura with which God had favoured him in the days of Immanuel. […]

[…] Saint Gregory is the patron saint of healing witchcraft and humble beginnings, and it is not uncommon for those with minor ailments to hold in their hands a medallion bearing his likeness when they pray for a return to health.

The Church of Saint Gregory was built over his tomb by King Baldwin VII in the late 13th Century and is an unusual architectural gem, filled with light and plainer and more humble than the conventional style of the period. […]

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