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Cardinal Ricard was once a very influential leader in the Catholic Church, but during the election of Lucius III, he made an unsuccessful attempt to claim the papacy as Pope Peter II. Ricard was forced to flee from public life and his supporters scattered to the winds.

Having not been seen in public for years, it is unclear what he intends to achieve by attending these meetings in the Holy Land.


Excerpt from the Catholic Encyclopaedia of Saints

Saint Ricard of Bordeaux (1149-1254), Patron Saint of Disputed Elections and Gold Thieves

Also known as Pope Peter II who reigned from 1181 (or 1190) to 1252, the longest tenure of any Pope in the history of the Catholic Church. Responsible for the overthrow of the Black Pope Urbane and hailed as the saviour of the Church. Rebuilt the city of Rome and Restored the Basilica of St. Peter after its destruction. Called a crusade against the armies of darkness and baptised the second coming of the Lord upon his birth. Noted as a great reformer in the Church who preached a message of tolerance and understanding. Canonised by Pope Alexander IV.

From the memoirs of Cardinal Arabelle de Tartars

“…In my quest for redemption for my service to the Black Pope I did my utmost to aid his Holiness in the rebuilding of the Church after the fall of Urbane. After the death of the Messiah and the perceived destruction of the fourth covenant there was great turmoil in the Church and many became agnostic towards the teachings of the Holy See. However his Holiness was man devoted to the word’s of Christ and the will of the almighty. He travelled the Christian nations preaching the message of the last covenant; love, tolerance and cooperation. As he walked on his long pilgrimage he preformed many miracles; striding across raging rivers or through the inferno’s of burning forests and these divine acts showed the people that in some way God's influence was still present in the world…

…I have no doubt that he will be remembered the greatest Pontiff since St. Peter himself, for his teachings have brought renewed faith to countless multitudes in the darkest of ages…”

From a document recovered deep within the Secret Papal Archive in 1876, by a Historian who promptly disappeared


On the orders of His Holiness Pope Peter II the Special Papal Exorcism Committee for the Treatment of Relicuary Energumenicality is hereby created for the purpose of hunting down and destroying extra-temporal threats to the fabric of reality and the souls of the faithful. The full authority of the Holy See is hereby granted to this executive to do what needs to be done to prevent the demonic horrors from beyond the stars from returning to this world.

Requisitioned materials and properties for the executive:

Papal Caves under St. Peter's x1
Head of St. Basil the Great x1 (NB Laser beam eyes)
Black Cassocks x20
Smoked Eye Glasses x20
I Pint Extra strength Holy Water x50
Crossbows (Crucifix shaped) x20
Papal Swivel Chair x1

Appointed Agents:

Brother Ambrose
Rev. P. Van Helsing

Excerpt from the Architectural History of Rome

“The modern St. Peter’s is based primarily on the second basilica constructed by Pope Peter II in 1191 after the first church was destroyed in a magical cataclysm. It was subsequently improved throughout his reign and then by his sucessors leading to the current structure. Widely regarded as one of the wonders of the modern world this Basilica is a marvel of architecture and art; the product of some of the greatest artisans of the 12th to 16th centuries. There are few, if any, buildings in the world that can compare to the grandeur of the Basilica as it stands today.”

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