Emperor Lucius Aprenos - MarkB

Player: MarkB
Faction: Orthodox States, Roman Empire of Byzantium
Email: lucius_aprenos@crusade.chaosdeathfish.com

One of Andronikos' most trusted commanders, General Aprenos has a reputation as a prancing peacock. His political marriage to Candida Pyrhhina muted his constant carousing, but didn't curtail his love of fine wine or the latest fashions and fripperies.

While modestly successful on the battlefield, most consider this more by luck than judgement. Seeming charismatic and inspiring one minute, while withdrawn and contemplative the next, Lucius is poorly regarded by other Byzantine Military commanders, who balk at his unconventional and often bizarre tactics.

With the removal of Andronikos from the throne of Byzantium, General Aprenos was put out to pasture, being given command of one of the major border fortresses of the Empire. Only the status of his wife, and the fact that some scholars have argued that he is third in line to the throne, have kept him from being exiled.

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