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Faction: Orthodox States, Rus

Pavel is a renowned mercenary general from within the Rus Principalities. He is known for his ability to put aside theological differences for the ease of securing work, and his willingness to do almost any job. Although he is a mercenary, once he has taken a contract, he will see it through to the end, and can never be tempted to change loyalties during the duration of a contract.



'The Concoction', a treatise on covert tactics of the Medieval Age.

… and one most notably used on General Pavel Korovic. It seems that the method of distraction in battle for the purpose of poisoning a military leader had not been employed until the alleged agents of Rashid ad-Din used the opportunity on Korovic. Though the General suffered severely for several months, he was soon cured. Similar tactics have been employed, however, in the centuries following and may have indeed resurfaced in the modern age…

'The Varangian Guard', a history published in the United Kingdom (1921)

… perhaps being the most unusual appointment. As a Rus mercenary commander, his close links with the Byzantine Empire were strengthened under Emperor Alexios with this appointment. This was not very much like any previous or subsequent commanders of the Varangian Guard, as Korovic continued to act as a general both within and without the Byzantine Empire.

As we shall discuss in this chapter, the Varangian Guard faced a sort of reform in this period, and became a larger and more active force, stretching beyond just the defence of the Emperor. General Korovic was most certainly the force behind these…

From a series of popular history-fiction novels about the battles of General Pavel Korovic.

… Korovic arrived, at last in the Crimea. He felt tired to his very bones, but he had to deal with this problem before it got out of hand. A number of scribes and officials met him as he disembarked from the ship and handed him a number of scrolls.

“Commander,” one began, “The Governor welcomes you to Cherson and extends an invitation to dine with her this evening.”

“I must respectfully decline - I must meet the Governor briefly, but once my troops have disembarked, I aim to take the army East,” Korovic replied curtly and signaled to his own lieutenants to proceed with the the disembarkation of the army.

He had brought a small unit of Varangians with him, and a number of his own units to combine with what Roman forces were available at Cherson. It wasn't much, it might not even be enough, but this was all that he could be spared to fight the rogue army. Lessons learned over his part years, and lessons taught by the old General Karantenos would prove invaluable.

“Captain,” he called out to one of soldiers nearby, “Bring me horses, I wish to ride out as soon as possible!” It would be a damned hard campaign, and it would be no less hard than many he had fought - it was ever his fate to do so…

An overview of Honours of the Empire of Constantinople up to 1932

Order of Korovic, 1st Class, given to those who have aided the Empire when under no obligation to engage or assist in Military action and showing exceptional bravery and dedication.

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