Pyotr Loria - Racheet

Player: Racheet
Faction: Orthodox, Georgia

Pyotr is a young noble of Georgia, who has sworn lifelong devotion to queen Tamar and several years ago he left the country amidst much fanfare on a quest in the her highness' honour. He has been involved in several adventures in the Levant since, and stories of his travels and exploits are often told in his homeland. Sometimes, they're even true.

He has sworn never to refuse aid to a true christian in need, never to stand idle when he can see injustice being done and to uphold the honour of Queen Tamar above his own.


Excerpted from the Wikipedia Article on Georgia, Politics section:

The rulers of the Kingdom of Georgia are King Loria and Queen Tamar, who have ruled the country for over eight hundred years.[13] Queen Tamar ascended to the throne of Georgia in 1184, and ruled as sole regent until 1192 when her closest childhood friend[citation needed] Pyotr Loria returned from his quest to find the Philosopher's Stone.[14] Each drank from the Cup of Jamshid, becoming effectively immortal[15][16], and Tamar took Loria to be her husband the following year[14]. At well over eight centuries old each, they are the oldest living humans, and the longest reigning monarchs of all time. They now rule as part of a constitutional monarchy[13], with political power partially devolved to a parliamentary democracy introduced after the civil uprisings of the late seventeenth century[17].

Their many children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and so forth have gone on to form a political dynasty that has spread across Europe and the world, often intermarrying into other royal families. As such, they are often referred to as the “Grandparents of Europe”[18].

Whilst some[attribution needed] criticise their rule as theocratic[citation needed], others point to the prosperity Georgia has enjoyed during their reign. Georgia's growth into a major superpower is noted by prominent historians[19][20] as being primarily due to the uninterrupted rule of the two monarchs. The Empire of Georgia, comprised of the territories primarily converted by King Loria in his questing, spans the globe. There is some small support for a republican movement in Georgia[21], but many modern polls show that a large majority of Georgian citizens support the monarchs[22][23][24].

From “Pyotr Loria: The Man, The Knight, The King”, New Babylon Press, 1988

…The history of Loria's reign in Georgia calls for a series of lengthy books to chronicle its entire length, but one consistent theme was love, in every Greek sense. Especially in his early years as King (though no less now) he was committed to service in every aspect of his life, from his country, to his wife, and to his religious and knightly ideals. It is his dedication which won him the hand of his Queen and the adoration of his people, and that same dedication that saw Georgia grow under his hand to be a strong and powerful nation. Not a few commentators have noted that this devotion appears to have come from a deep sense of personal responsibility for the world and other people.

The Knightly Virtues that he expounded have been a popular ideal for the Georgian people and increasingly elsewhere around the world for so long now that it is hard to imagine a time when Loria's attitudes were the exception rather than the norm. It is probably here he has had the most social impact. Concerning the new-found unity of the fourth covenant, it was almost certain that his public drives for peace were an important catalyst for the coming together of peoples in a place so often war-torn and violent.

And of course, his country has grown under his hand into a power on the world stage. In part this is due to his phenomenal experience with centuries of statecraft behind him, but we cannot discount his essentially benevolent nature. Only a ruler capable of compassion and fairness could have been subjected to so few attempts to depose or assassinate him; it is amazing that more popular uprisings have not occurred.

Fundamentally Loria has accomplished more on the world stage than any other man that ever lived. There might be those whose briefer interactions with it accorded them greater influence or impact, but the life of this extraordinary individual is more fascinating and exemplary than any other…

From “A Personal Story of the White Insurrection” by K. K. Irea:

…named the White Insurrection for the heavy snows around Tblisi that December when the attempted coup took place, there was no time more terrifying in the Kingdom's history under the rule of the Eternal Monarchs. When the tanks rolled into the palace square it seemed like the end had come to our centuries-old way of life; General Lokshin had come to kill the King and Queen…

…For weeks there had been republican sentiment growing and grumbling in the mountains - angry young men stirred up by a bitter old General. In parliament one minister stood and spieled a diatribe of hate that lasted until his fellows shouted him down. It seemed all this had been bubbling under the surface, being stirred occasionally by those who would use it for their own political gain…

…It seemed that God had smiled upon them that day, though, for no sooner had the tanks ground to a halt in the middle of the square, than the road beneath them collapsed. The still-loyalist guard opened up with shells and machine guns and shot the General himself as he tried to flee his stranded vehicle. It was almost like they had seen the whole thing coming…

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