[SLAIN] Raymond de Forcalquier - Julian

Arms of Forcalquier Player: Julian
Faction: Latin States, Military and Monastic Orders
Email: raymond_de_forcalquier@crusade.chaosdeathfish.com

Raymond de Forcalquier is Knight-Abbot of the fortress of Mont St George, and third son of Count William IV of Forcalquier. A member of the Knights Hospitaller, Raymond is known for his staunch defence of pilgrims travelling to Jerusalem, and is considered a fierce and skillful warrior. Mont St George is however shrouded in mystery and rumour - its exact location unknown to all outside the Hospitallers, and all manner of stories circulate about what goes on therein. Untrue stories, naturally, for Raymond is known to be a most pious servant of God.

Raymond was stripped of his title of Knight Hospitalier by the Grand Master of the Order in 1188.

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