[EXPLODED] William of Shrewsbury - BenA

Killed before the walls of Damascus in a mighty conflagration.

Player: BenA
Faction: Latin States, Western Kingdoms
Email: william_of_shrewsbury@crusade.chaosdeathfish.com

”…the horror, my God the horror. I still hear the screams of the children, and the poor nuns. I still remember seeing him, like the devil himself, wreathed in flames, standing upon the air, and calling up the fires…” from the testimony of Llewen ap Madog, Welshman and citizen of the former town of Caernavys.

”…You can't trust him, he's Welsh! There may have been a minor incident…” rebuttal by William of Shrewsbury.

”…for your crimes, and for the preservation of your immortal soul from the claws of Satan, I pronounce upon you this penance, that you are to go from this place to the Holy City of Jerusalem, and there abide in piety, attending Easter Mass every year for seven years, in obedience to the will of God.” from the Judgement of Pope Lucius III.

Hit Me Harder, Heathen

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