The Aftermath - Life Goes On

An extract from 'Trials of Our Fathers', written by Nira binti Qun, first discovered in 1454.

“A sort of calm descended upon the world, or so my father had described it to me. He was fortunate to attend the meeting of the Peace of the Covenant that year, and though everyone he met bore long and haggard faces, as the days of the meeting progressed all began to change. Starting with but a few, the discussions and arguments became more lively, more heated, but not filled with hate or anger, but with a passion. Then the Kings of Rome, Jerusalem and Egypt spoke together an affirmed their dedication to the Peace…”

”… cannot understand what happened to those who lived through this End, yet the World has emerged now into a new life, a new dedication to a world that is now ours…”

”… and the Temple to all our faiths yet stands tall and shall remain a symbol…”

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