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|ok láta fast vera |and stick fast to it| |ok láta fast vera |and stick fast to it|
 +=====Tier the Third=====
 +Further fragments, barely discernible:
 +|Þat kann ek it sétta |I know the sixth:|
 +|ef mik særir þegn|if a warrior wounds me|
 +|á rótum rams viðar| with the root of a strong tree|
 +|ok þann hal|also if a man|
 +|er mik heipta kveðr |calls forth hatreds from me,|
 +|þann eta mein heldr en mik|then the harms eat the man and not me.|
 +|Þat kann ek it tíunda |I know the tenth:|
 +|ef ek sé túnriðir|if I see witches|
 +|leika lopti á |playing in the air,|
 +|ek svá vinnk |I can so arrange it|
 +|at þeir villir fara|that they go astray|
 +|sinna heimhama |from their proper shapes|
 +|sinna heimhuga|and proper thoughts.|
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