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Having wheathered the tyrannical years of Raymond of Triploi’s regency and vanquished all who opposed both himself and his nephew, Prince Philip has now reached a political maturity far beyond that normally expected of someone so young. He has emerged as one of the king’s most loyal and senior councillors, working at the very heart of government to ensure the stability of the Kingdom and the safety of his nephew. With skill, diplomacy and charisma he has forged an alliance between the Holy City and Byzantium and he has done much to maintain peace in the Holy Land. He has also proved to be a popular, able and much loved military commander and his exploits in Rome have only increased his standing.

In recognition of Philip’s services and his central role in the creation of the King’s Army, Baldwin has recently granted the Count the office, rights, honours and responsibilities of Constable of the Realm. One of the great offices of state, the Constable has traditionally been in command of the Kingdom’s native forces, hired and paid mercenaries, judged legal cases pertaining to the military and defined the boundaries and borders of the kingdom. Given Philip’s recent successes and loyalty, no one doubts he is entirely worthy of his new position.


A Decree from the Court of King Baldwin V, 1194

“We do hereby decree that the lands, titles and honours once granted to the traitor Raymond of Tripoli are forthwith transferred to our friend and mentor Philip of Jerusalem. May he and his heirs do with them as they see fit with our blessing for the betterment of our great kingdom…”

Writings of a French Ambassador to the Court of Baldwin V, 1219

Baldwin’s grief at the death of his song Hugh was great and many feared that the King would simply drift off into bleak realms of despair from which he might never emerge.

It was Prince Philip who saw him through this dark time. Together they would sit within the citadel of Jerusalem, over a chess board, discussing matters of state, hunting or tournaments. Philip’s friendship and his wise council did much to lift the young King's spirits and gradually Baldwin was able to look past the death of his child and become the strong and wise ruler he was destined to be. Philip has been godfather to all of Baldwin’s children since and he tutors them in matters of state to this day.

Excerpt from An Analysis of the Statecraft of the Crusader Era, 1872

”…In the time of the Crusades there are few statesmen who can claim to have as great a legacy as Philip of Jerusalem, Count of Acre and later Count of Tripoli and Prince of Galilee and Tiberias. Responsible for the overthrow of the tyrant Raymond of Tripoli, who sought to depose the young king Baldwin, and securing the succession of the line of Baldwin; he ensured that the Kingdom of Jerusalem remained an influential and stable nation for many centuries after his death…

…His ability to look past religious divisions, between Jew and Muslim alike, ensured that he was able to gather powerful allies in the Kingdom's struggles for military and political survival during that turbulent age. With his blessing the Jews returned to their ancestral land but in doing so they submitted to the rule of Baldwin and his heirs, ensuring that a united secular state emerged from the conglomeration.”

Etching from the Tomb of Philip of Jerusalem, in the Cathedral of Acre

Here lies Prince Philip of Acre, 1169-1241

Constable of Jerusalem and Protector of the Realm. He served his King and Country with Honour and valour throughout his long life as Strategist, Statesmen and Soldier.

He is laid here beside his loving wife in a tomb commissioned by his five children and thirteen grandchildren. May his name be ever blessed and his great deeds remembered.

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